Bolt Nobs

L.R.D - Long Range Design

We produce some of the best muzzle brakes there is on the market. We always try to explorer new ways to make better products and these last two brakes is a result of doing so. We have one brake for you IPSC shooters, it's a clean effective design that will give you that extra when competing. If you are a bolt rifle shooter that likes hunting or longrange shooting we got the right brake for you. We just design a brake that does what no other brakes does! This one dosnt spray your spotters scope with dust, it won't give you hearing damage and it will dampens the recoil effective so that you can see your bullet ily through the air!

Bolt Nobs

Our Bolt Nobs are series good stuff. They comes in two different shapes, Droppen and Konen. These are two shapes that feels god in your hand when you operate the bolt forward and back. They all done from 7075 aluminium with our logo on it.